#BlackHistoryMonth Black-owned, UK-based brands you need to know

#BlackHistoryMonth Black-owned, UK-based brands you need to know

Happy Black History Month! The time of year has come where we shine a special spotlight on the current achievements and triumphs of the Afro-British community, and take some time to remember and learn from the trials and hardships of the past. To kick off Black History Month this year, we've decided to shout out some amazing Black-owned, UK-based brands that you should check out today.

Alero Jasmine 

Credit: Alero Jasmine | Instagram: @alerojasmine

Beautiful, bold and colourful. Alero Jasmine is a London-based brand that was founded by Aasiyah Jasmine, a second-generation Nigerian immigrant. Her line is full of brightly colours and bold patterns, made into bralets, dresses, co-ordinate tops and bottoms, and individual pieces. According to her website, 'all of [their] materials [are] ethically sourced and handmade by a curated group of underprivileged Lagosian artisans'. Major heart-eyes.

Bonita Ivie Prints 

Credit: BonitaIvie Prints | Instagram: @boniataivieprints

The new school year is in full-swing and if you haven't gotten your back-to-school stationery yet, look no further. Bonita Ivie Prints is the perfect place to look for a new planners and to-do lists to get you organised for the year ahead. Their affordable and colourful Afro-printed merchandise is the best motivator you need. Ditch your plain, old black notepad today!

The Afro Hair and Skin Co.

 Credit: The Afro Hair & Skin Co. | Instagram: @afrohairandskinco

Not being able to find good quality hair care products is something all of our black friends have moaned about. Introducing The Afro Hair & Skin Co. An award-winning and homegrown brand who are 'dedicated to creating truly organic and natural products carefully crafted by hand, using fresh natural, and locally sourced ingredients'. Their best-selling hair butter 'Flourish - Totally Nourishing Hair Butter' has garnered rave reviews from their customers, and they only produce a certain amount each month due to the specificity of the ingredients. So, come October, you know which hair butter to get your hands on!


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