British designer Stella McCartney launches vegan wellies

British designer Stella McCartney launches vegan wellies

What comes to mind when people talk about Britain? Fish and chips, the Queen, drinking tea with biscuits and scones, the iconic red telephone boxes peppering the streets and red doubledecker buses, Harry Potter, Brexit (ugh) and little kids wearing wellington boots during the rainy seasons. Things that London-born designer, Stella McCartney knows all too well. 

Stella McCartney has been a strong advocate for sustainability and ethical practices way before it was trendy. Her brand began it's sustainability journey in 2001 by establishing the House of Stella McCartney with Kering, making it the first vegetarian luxury brand. Since then, they have continued implementing real and effective changes to their production, materials and energy usage. 

And most recently, she has launched a new range of vegan wellington boots in collaboration with Hunter. It's been made using 'sustainably-sourced natural rubber along with a material called Yulex™. Yulex ™ is a natural rubber harvested from rubber trees that the stretch sock inside the boot is the part made of. They've used it as a replacement for neoprene, that supposedly generates 80 per cent less climate-altering carbon dioxide. 

Credit: Stella McCartney

These chunky wellington boots come in a range of colours: black, teal and khaki and also have the word "STELLA" on the front where the Hunter logo is usually found, and they can be yours for £320.

Check out their website for more details about these adorable boots, and while you're there, you can take a look at their sustainability page too. 

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