Ethical & sustainable lifestyle bloggers we love #1

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

At Glow and See, we believe that it is important to work with, uplift and support independent bloggers and influencers that align with our brand's vision: to empower all women and produce ethical, sustainable and handmade slow fashion. And this post will be the first of many where we feature five ethical & sustainable lifestyle UK-based bloggers that we absolutely love.

1. Charlotte

Blog:  Girl On Film

Instagram: @girlonfilm__

Charlotte, 27, lives in Stockport with her doting boyfriend and less doting cat. Also known as @girlonfilm__ on Instagram, she chose her username based on her love of films and penchant for shooting on Kodak 200. She works as a freelance writer, or as her mum calls it 'professional coffee shop visitor'.
Charlotte writes for a number of different platforms and, on her own blog, where you'll find her chatting about everything from clothes to vaginas, and about her break-up with fast fashion and a journey to sustainable clothing. She is pictured wearing a top from Depop, and a skirt from Oxfam.

2. Elen Mai 


Instagram: @welshwandererblog

Twitter: @welshwanderer_

Elen Mai is a 20-something Human Biology student and eco-conscious living blogger from Mid West Wales. Through her blog and her Instagram with the hashtag #ecoconfessions, she wants to share the highs and lows of living sustainably while on a budget. Her aim is to educate, inform, and help the masses improve the sustainability of their lifestyles.

3. Lauren 

Blog: Positively Loz

Instagram: @positivelyloz

Lauren, also known as Loz, is 22-years-old and a recent Illustration graduate. Originally from the north, she moved to Milton Keynes with her partner recently, and this move was basically what created her blog. She wanted to document her journey into becoming an adult and began shifting to documenting her life experiences with sustainability through fashion, food, or self-care.

Her ultimate goal is to prove that it is possible to save the planet on a budget, and ultimately to encourage others to start living sustainably too. She has recently been working on a collaborative blog post with a friend and fellow earth-lover to create a ‘sustainable student starter pack’ – a guide to shopping for university sustainably, which is now up on her blog. She is also currently taking part in the Oxfam campaign, Second-Hand September.

4. India Charlotte

Blog: Oh So India Charlotte

Instagram: @indiacharlottewood

India Charlotte is currently 23 years old and works as a casual library assistant and a retail assistant. She's from and currently based in Manchester. Her blog is mainly focused upon her personal style and her efforts to make her wardrobe more sustainable. She is pictured wearing a dress from Nobody's Child. 

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