Global Climate Change Week: Why its important and what we can do

Global Climate Change Week: Why its important and what we can do

Climate change is one of the hottest topics (no pun intended) on everyone's lips at the moment, with a sense of heightened urgency. Within the past year alone, scientists have announced that we only have 18 months to make some major changes before the damage from climate change is irreversible, instead of the previously claimed 12 years. 

Worried individuals all over the world are scrambling in panic, constantly trying to improve their lifestyles to be more sustainable by switching to reusable coffee cups and cotton rounds, tote bags, going vegan, no-packaging shampoos and soaps, beeswax wraps instead of cling film, shopping secondhand and more. 

Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash

This Global Climate Change Week, we want to shed some light onto the importance of switching over to a more sustainable lifestyle, and products. A common sentiment that people have which holds them back from living sustainably is that they're worried switching over and maintaining the lifestyle would be expensive, and that they wouldn't be able to keep it up.

While it may be true that the initial switch over to sustainable products may take a bit out of your wallet, the fact remains that they are better for the environment. Some of them are made of natural, non-toxic materials which means they will be able to break down easier, and not contaminate our natural resources. And some sustainable products last longer than the cheaper alternatives.

A pack of five reusable cotton rounds can last you a good few months, instead of buying a pack of disposable ones from Boots that you have to throw away and aren't recyclable.

What we can do to help the environment is all in the little things. We as individuals can make a huge difference with our efforts combined, so let's not give up hope and do our best to contribute to battling climate change - together.


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