The Rise of Ath - Leisure

Ath - Leisure

Trends come and go. Some make fleeting statements and others affect the culture of fashion and as a result, they stick around. During New York Fashion Week 2016, one such trend made a ceremonious entrance during the Alexander Wang and Adidas collaboration show. The collection, which mixed classic and iconic styles with an athletic edge, thrust ‘Athleisure’ into the spotlight.

Wearing sportswear as casual clothing has been a firm part of fashion vocabulary since the 1970s. Today, Athleisure is so much more than just a style – it has become a lifestyle. The apparel blends aesthetics from the sport, urban and fashion industries giving functionality, durability and versatility.

Not only has Athleisure reinvented casual wardrobes all over the globe, it has promoted the importance of a healthy lifestyle, body confidence and empowerment. There are many brands that offer this ethos on the British High Street, from Nike to Outdoor Voices and Adidas to Sweaty Betty.


“To me an empowered woman is someone with confidence and inner strength. She doesn’t need resolutions, isn’t afraid to talk about her flaws and is proud of her personal journey.”

Tamara Hill-Norton

Founder + Creative Director of Sweaty Betty


This is all encompassing of the Sweaty Betty lifestyle. As Tamara Hill-Norton further explains, “Londoners are always trekking somewhere and stay in their activewear for longer, so they need layers for the Tube. This winter it’s all about pairing leggings with a cosy knit and a down jacket.” This month the brand’s January campaign is a rebellion against the phrase “New Year, New Me!” and instead, it is promoting the idea of having fun without holding weight-loss as the ultimate goal.

Like Sweaty Betty, GLOW has a very similar ethos and the brand sits comfortably in the Athleisure sphere. With transitional accessories that are designed and tested to look fabulous during the day and beautifully stylish at night, their light-reflecting technology is what sets them apart from other brands.

With the red-hot Athleisure trend running the runway, will 2019 be the golden age of functional fashion?

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