We’re black, back and better than ever, and yup we’re rebooting our blog because there’s so much we want to tell you. It’s been a while but the current climate and the powerful civil rights movement of the BLM campaign has set our tongues wagging and our thoughts whirling. 

What impact has this season had on us? Well, where to start. How about we with the obvious of our inaugural reboot and go from there and note the disclaimer, this post is not self censored. 

As you’ll know Glow was founded by Comet, by a Black woman, not a BAME woman, (something we may come back and enlighten you on further in the not too distant future) who set out to create a movement, a community and a tangible fashion product following the slow fashion principles that we see as the antithesis of fast fashion. 

Setting out to create an ethically made sustainable accessories as a black woman in a predominantly white dominated world was a feat that up until recently had been one of great difficulty, largely due to the fact that black and brown people are discounted and excluded from the sustainable world. In short, the process has been one of many highs but far more lows than a white led counterpart has faced and to be frank we were all but ready to throw the towel in. There comes a point where discouragement eats all your courage for breakfast, and this was beginning to be that point.

In the wake of the tragedy of recent events however, it would seem the world has chosen in part at least, to awake from the willful ignorance that the inertia of white privilege provides. The air has cleared a little bit and we’ve been at last given the space to prop our head above the parapet. This is a game changer and yes, we’re apprehensive and cautious about counting our chickens, but we have to hope.

We’ve been incredibly cautious and to be frank, outright unwilling to take advantage of a heartbreaking tragedy and initially we dug our heels in, because why should we capitalise on black and brown pain? Yet, infuriatingly, the world  listens and waits for us to do just that and it is something we’re having to come to terms with it, as on the flip side we find the other truth that power does not concede power unless it’s hand is forced. 

Here we have the ultimate force majeure, in the very literal blood, sweat and tears of black and brown people. And, so to a decision we arrive, as a brand committed to social reform, justice and change - we would be doing a disservice to our black and brown compatriots, makers and friends if we did not use the communal pain for good. So we march onwards and with a renewed and empowered founder at the helm, we commit to being more visible, present and assertive in our mission and interactions. 

Here’s to a new day, and thanks for your continued support.

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