adaptable apparel

transitional active wear

walking | running | cycling

Because we're all active, and in low light visibility is paramount.

Our unisex range of light-reflective, adaptable accessories are designed for our busy active lives. Disrupting traditional high-vis wear and ath-leisure, we champion road safety at night, allowing you to transition from day wear to safety wear in low light without second thought. 

We believe good design helps us change the existing state to the preferred one.

sustainably ethical

biodegradable, sustainable, renewable

natural fibres | wool

We choose to work with natural fibres that are biodegradable and renewable, ethically sourcing mulesing free wool, which means no sheep are harmed to make our accessories.

We think wool is a superstar, it's breathable, sweat wicking, odour repelling and has natural elasticity, moulding to each wearers body, responding and adapting to their needs.

meet the founder

comet's founding story

here, we glow

Founded in 2016 Glow is the brainchild of Comet Chukura, a Londoner, fashion-conscious cyclist and graduate of The London College of Fashion. Combining her passions as a designer, women's advocate and cyclist into one venture, for the good of the consumer as well as the maker.

Comet's influences combine fashion and purpose, resulting in an urban accessory collection that looks good, feels good and does good.